Tholoana Sustainable Development and Environmental Consultants

Current Projects

Telkom PPR Building Growth Project

Total Facilities Management Company (TFMC) was recently given the green light to upgrade the campus power supply at Telkom’s PPR building in the Pretoria CBD. The project entails installing several diesel-powered generators, which will require installation of bulk diesel storage tanks in the basement of the CTL building on Proes Street. Tholoana Consulting has been appointed to undertake a Basic Assessment as well as a Risk Assessment for a Major Hazardous Installation of the bulk storage tanks as well as advise on the environmental impacts of the projects, such as noise pollution and control. Noise control is particularly important for this site, given that there is a Call Centre on the premises.

Orient Hills Mixed-use Development

Acquion Global Projects and Modiale Folie have joined forces for the proposed development of the Orient Hills Mixed-Use development in Mogale City, Gauteng. The project will be carried out in two or more phases. The first phase of this project focuses on the relocation of people currently residing in the Orient Hills informal settlement along the R24 towards Magaliesburg. This settlement is home to approximately 2000 inhabitants.

The project is being developed in collaboration with the Gauteng Provincial Department of Housing, as a Public-Private Partnership. In this model, the investors propose to provide a significant portion of the capital investment needed to provide affordable (subsidized) housing, while creating a mixed-use development (in phase 2) that guarantees the sustainability of the entire development.

Tholoana Consulting has been tasked with providing an all-inclusive environmental management and sustainability service on the Orient Hills Mixed-use development. Besides undertaking a Basic Assessment in compliance with the EIA regulations, various specialist studies and geographical baseline data are required. The developers are already reaping the benefits of this holistic approach thanks to a rapid environmental scan, which highlighted the extent of some environmental risks, such as the presence of dolomite and a wetland at the site. As there are no bulk services at the site, a huge task lies ahead before the project can be implemented. Issues such as bulk service provision for water supply, sewerage, waste management, electricity, roads and storm water management are currently being investigated. An earth scientist with specific knowledge in dolomite and sinkhole analysis has been engaged.

The development hinges around sustainable development principles, such as re-use of grey water, storm water harvesting, recycling and solar energy consumption. A primary goal of the development is to integrate the informal dwellers into the community by providing employment opportunities, as well as educational and recreational amenities in the area.

Avianto Mixed-use development

Avianto is a Wedding, Conference and Function Venue in Muldersdrift, Johannesburg, South Africa. Tholoana Consulting is currently compiling the Environmental Impact Assessment Report for a 250ha mixed-use development that could see the Muldersdrift area develop into a major destination. The proposed development will cover an area of approximately 240ha (237.76ha). The site falls within the jurisdiction of Mogale City Local Municipality in the West Rand. The owners of Avianto are proposing to establish a mixed-use development that extends the current establishment, while integrating a combination of desirable uses into the greater Muldersdrift area. These uses include: residential, offices, conference/accommodation facilities, sports and recreational facilities, institutional, educational and bulk engineering services as well as a network of integrated open spaces.

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