Tholoana Sustainable Development and Environmental Consultants

About Us

THOLOANA Sustainable Development and Environmental Consultants is actively involved in Environmental Management and Sustainable Development projects across the country, which includes Environmental Impact Assessments, Environmental Management Plans, and Feasibility studies for Renewable Energy Projects, such as Biofuel, Wind and Solar energy plants. We have also completed climate change strategies and facilitated municipal responses to the adaptation and mitigation of the effects of climate change.


Our Mission Statement 

To provide services that create a platform for continued growth and wealth creation, which is underpinned by the sustainable utilization of natural resources, while nurturing the earth’s renewable resources. 

Our Vision 

To create a sustainable value-chain for our clientele, our staff and our regional partners. 

Unlocking service delivery bottlenecks 

Although the roll out of infrastructure is often a lengthy process, the impact of challenges stemming from poor environmental management and lack of sustainable policies is often ignored. 


To address this need, we work with our partners, be they government at local, provincialor national level, private local or foreign investors, to fast-track service delivery, project development and infrastructure roll out through a variety of researched solutions. We assume the role of environmental sustainability advisors, impact assessors and facilitators; we also assist in developing funding mechanisms to guarantee the long-term viability of the investment. 

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