Tholoana Sustainable Development and Environmental Consultants

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Our Services

v  Environmental Impact Assessments and Basic Assessments

v  Environmental Management Programmes

v  Environmental Management Plans

v  Strategic Environmental Assessments



v  Stakeholder Engagement Facilitation

v  Service Delivery Facilitation

v  Urban Renewal Projects

v  Advisory Services for accessing Municipal Infrastructure Funding

v  Integrated environmental management towards sustainable service delivery – in energy, mining, waste sectors; key services include:

o  Healthcare waste management;

o  Air Quality Management Plans;

o  Water Use Licence Applications;

o  Integrated Waste and Water Management Plans; and

o  Integrated Waste Management Plans in terms of the Waste Act, 2008.

v  Training and capacity building tailor-made for clients: industry, national, provincial, local, and municipal tiers of government;


v  Social & Labour Plans– Implementation; organisational audits, outsourcing and internal capacity generation, etc.

v  Sustainable Climate Change Strategies designed for our clients in the SA context;

v  Environmental management,advisory services – with insightful solutions that have a strategic approach, are client-focussed and underpinned by sustainability.



Success Stories

Katse Dam, Lesotho

Environmental Impact Assessment 


Saldanha Iron Ore Terminal, SA

Environmental Impact Assessment 



Ubombo Sugar Cogeneration, Swaziland

Environmental Impact Assessment 


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