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Welcome to Tholoana Consulting

Sustainability underpins environmental management because protecting and nurturing natural resources will ensure that we are able to reap the fruits of nature, while nurturing and preserving its renewable components for the benefit of future generations. This is the original meaning of sustainability. Therefore sustainable development is at the heart of the image that Tholoana seeks to be identified with. 

Millions of people in South Africa live below the poverty line, with little or no access to jobs or basic services such as water and health care.  The problem is particularly acute in rural South Africa, where high percentages of the populace are infected with HIV/Aids and are generally not equipped to harness nature's abundant resources. 
Government’s vision for eradicating poverty outlines job creation and poverty eradication as its key focus. However, this development must be occur in a sustainable manner if it is to provide not only for the present teeming population, but also for future generations. 

Tholoana Sustainable Development & Environmental Consultants was founded to contribute towards sustainable solutions that will create a platform for nurturing nature’s wealth and addressing the urgent need for faster service delivery in South Africa.


Our Services

v  Environmental Impact Assessments and Basic Assessments

v  Environmental Management Programmes

v  Environmental Management Plans

v  Strategic Environmental Assessments



v  Stakeholder Engagement Facilitation

v  Service Delivery Facilitation

v  Urban Renewal Projects

v  Advisory Services for accessing Municipal Infrastructure Funding

v  Integrated environmental management towards sustainable service delivery – in energy, mining, waste sectors; key services include:

o  Healthcare waste management;

o  Air Quality Management Plans;

o  Water Use Licence Applications;

o  Integrated Waste and Water Management Plans; and

o  Integrated Waste Management Plans in terms of the Waste Act, 2008.

v  Training and capacity building tailor-made for clients: industry, national, provincial, local, and municipal tiers of government;


v  Social & Labour Plans– Implementation; organisational audits, outsourcing and internal capacity generation, etc.

v  Sustainable Climate Change Strategies designed for our clients in the SA context;

v  Environmental management,advisory services – with insightful solutions that have a strategic approach, are client-focussed and underpinned by sustainability.



Success Stories

Katse Dam, Lesotho

Environmental Impact Assessment 


Saldanha Iron Ore Terminal, SA

Environmental Impact Assessment 



Ubombo Sugar Cogeneration, Swaziland

Environmental Impact Assessment 


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